Wednesday, December 17, 2014

best week ever!

So I came to school on Monday 12/15/2014 and when I got to my classroom the first thing I heard was that winter/Christmas break started on Friday! So I was all like "Wooooo!" and then here comes more news, so my teacher says "also make sure to pick out a dish for The Feast on Thursday. Then I was like "Awesome!!!" , But then here comes more news, so my teacher says "oh, and make sure to bring a stuffed animal and blanket because we are having a cozy read on Friday! Pajamas and all!" so  everyone was freaking out in amazement. But then when I got home my mom said we have to make penguin appetizers for the Christmas Girl scout party! so I was overwhelmed in excitement. But then even more news and my mom says that my dad is visiting from Texas and he is bringing my new baby brother so that my brother and I can  meet him in person for the first time. So yeah best week ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is the link for the penguin appetizers

and here is a random video that I LOVE!

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