Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hello! I haven't been on here in a really long time so I'm blogging now. So I'm going to be a werewolf little red ridding hood for Halloween. I'm going to write a novel for school. and I am going to go trick or treating.I am in girl scouts. I love school. and I built 2 solar powered robots.Over the summer I went to great america. I went camping. And I went to Gulf Shores Alabama.

So today at about one-o-clock my friend from Karate lessons came over and we played for like two and half hours and we had this big girls scout thing we were going to and it was sort of a girl scout jamboree sort of thing but it was at the skating rink, it was two and a half hours long. While we were there we ate pizza and got slushies and then at the end we got cupcakes. But I had to rent skates because the ones that I had from two years ago were way to small so I'm gonna ask for a new pair for Christmas. I can't wait until Christmas because my dad is going to come visit. Oh and here's the really big news: I just got a new little brother last Friday, he's so cute and they named him Benjamin.

This year I'm in fifth grade and I'm in the gifted program. I'm almost eleven years old and Halloween is my favourite holiday so I'm really excited. Halloween is my favourite holiday because I like seeing all the costumes and decorations people have. My little brother likes Halloween because of all the candy, so does my mom, but I still like it because of all the decorations. What's your favourite holiday?