Friday, October 9, 2009

Things I want to put on my website today

When I was little I was very cute. I brought a baby picture to school today and glued it into my life template. When I grow up I've decided I'm going to be a scientist. And when I grow up I'm gonna paint some paintings too. I'm learning how to spell words and all kinds of things. School is very fun and I get to go to a cool gym and I run around cones in gym and sometimes I gallop around the cones and it's very fun.

Me at one week old

I've got a new Sleeping Beauty book with all kinds of markers and there's little surprises on each page. I got it from Daddy because he thought I would get bored in the truck. It is very very cool.

My best friend Jalia always has pretty hair with bows in it and things. And Angela always has very very pretty hair too, it's curly all the time. They're my best friends because they look pretty and they're are fun, and are always respectful, and smart too. I have another best friend named Jocelyn and she's in a wheel chair and she has a walker and she can't talk much and her fingers are all wiggly when she raises her hand, she is very nice and pretty and she never hits and I help her. I pass out the science journals and she passes out the lunch tags.

Here are some activities I like:
Watching Movies
Folding Laundry
Looking at my parents' wedding pictures
Going to science time at school


Anonymous said...

Ella, I love your new web site, and I remember where you were just one week old. How time flys. I'm glad your enjoying school and all the new friends and activies.
Love, Grandma D.

Ella the Kid said...

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for the very nice note. I wanted to tell you that Texas is very very nice and it is very very warm. I hope you come an visit us someday, but don't forget to bring your swimmy suit so you can swim in the pool with me. It is very very cool, wait till you see the fountains.

Love, Ella