Friday, December 16, 2016

After so long.... why am I still here........ >::::oP

BBLLUUHH.... after like a whole year I'm finally back, and my I just say I have grown to be a LOT less naive. 7th grade is the ultimate academic stress, but oh my gog it is the frikin best year ever for your social life. There are a couple of cons though, I mean, homework and strict teachers... that's a no brainier... I mean half of the time the straight guys and girls are just too reserved/basic/awkward/shallow to even talk to each other without it being either SUPER awkward or the definition of basic and shallow, and me with all of my LGBT+ friends are just so loud and absolutely insane that little to nobody wants to be around us. (oh yeah also since I haven't posted here in a while you don't know, but I'm bisexual)........ I don't know where I was going with that........ I've completely lost my train of thought, so I'm just gonna end this weird message saying: I'm rarely ever going to post here because I NEVER BLOG EVER and it's kind of pointless 'cause of social media, I don't answer stupid questions, and I have no viewerrrrrrrrrrssss.......... Why am I here again? BBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO POINTLESS AAAARRRRUUUUGGGGHHHH I'm leaving... this is stupid >::::oc

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